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If you are ever inclined to pray for a missionary, do it at once,
wherever you are.
— MARY SLESSOR, MissionHeir to Nigeria

The BeUtify Project


Location: Mae Sot, Thailand/Burma

History: For more than 50 years, there has been conflict and civil war in Burma (Myanmar), one of Thailand’s neighboring countries. Mae Sot, Thailand is located along the Thai/ Burma border and is home to numerous refugees who have fled their country. There are many tensions between Burmese ethnic groups and disunity is a problem. Many refugees struggle to provide for their families in Thailand and live in hopelessness of their difficult situations, while also being separated from family and communities still in Burma.


For Whom? Thai, Burmese & a variety of Ethnic students from Burma (all ages), as well as foreigners involved with various organizations.


Purpose:  Our desire is to promote UNITY, while pursuing relationships in the community of Mae Sot and to give young people an opportunity to be CREATIVE and have fun in a safe environment. Our hope for these yearly events is for them to become much more than just events, but a refreshing way of interacting with each other within our communities; a lifestyle that reflects UNITY and HONOR.


When/Where: May 17th at the Ratwittaya School (Chinese High School)


Activities: We want to have a FUN & INTERACTIVE day for children and their families. The plan is to set up a space where children can come CREATE and INTERACT…everything from sporting events to beautifying a wall or an area at the school, our purpose is to leave the space more beautiful than when we arrived. (i.e. chalk, paint, face painting, music, dance, water activities, team building games).


Future Goals: We hope to create this type of space every 3-4 months in order to build momentum and get more people involved. We've recently been given permission to BEAUTIFY a BIG wall close to a restaurant & bike shop we currently operate. Our desire is to build better relationships with students and young artists in Mae Sot, in order to give them an opportunity to help make their community more beautiful and inviting, and to share their gifts with the rest of the world…on the BIG WALL. 


We would also like to partner with local businesses, NGOs, and other organizations in order to make this successful. We hope to have sponsors and other support to make these events as enjoyable as possible.

***Big THANKS to our CREATIVE TEAM and Local Thai Friends Cin, Nathan Hood, Aimee D'Hondt, Amy Duncan and the rest of OutPour Movement and Refuge/NJM family.***


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"Abba created the Heavens & the Earth, we get to introduce the former while capturing the latter, GO!"

-Michael Pharez, MissionHEir to Thailand/Burma


#GOye MOVEment

"And HE said unto them, GOye into all the world, and proclaim the GOSPEL to every creature."

-Matthew 9:37